Thursday, 23 August 2012

Maybe i'm just not as smart...

Hi... (:

Today was not a bad day in school, well i guess, at least i got B for maths for once. I'm just feeling very stressed up as i see people doing exceptionally well... Like for example, today i stayed back in school and got to realise that he scored so well for GP...I wish i didnt have to talk about results with him... I'm not sure if he likes talking to me about such stuffs, but it makes me feel so inferior. He's like way way way up there.... On one hand, he's telling me not to feel stressed, and on the other, he's telling me about his results which i can never dream of getting... So am i supposed to feel stressed? i don't know, but i certainly do feel so. 

Don't really know how to tell him about how i feel, well i am supposed to feel happy for him... I don't know why i'm just so dumb and never as smart as him. I wonder where's the fairness in life. I wonder why they say we are actually SUPPOSED to be born just as smart as each other. Alright that's enough. I don't really feel like talking about it anymore. 

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